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How triumphant is the power of love?


Family Secrets tells the story of two young lovers manipulated by the circumstances. The narrative presents two moments in Catherine's life—her successes, failures, fears, and a past etched in her life forever. The reader will be led to investigate what is behind this secret kept for so many years, making several lives go separate ways.


In 1968, Catherine, at sixteen, is a fragile girl, an only child, who tries to escape the control of her rich and authoritarian father to live her first love. In doing so, she struggles against the sexist and patriarchal society of the time.


In 2015, Catherine, now sixty-three, has becamo the matriarch of her family. Max, her grandson, a teenager guided only by courage and willpower, sets out on a quest do figure out the secret that almost destroyed his family forever. When this secret is revealed, it unleashes consequences that will change the lives of all of their loved ones.


Is an eternal love capable of overcoming tragedies and their results treflected up to the present?


Family Secrets will take you into the heart of families, where the greatest cruelties happen.

Marileide Andersen seeks in real life the inspiration to create her works of fiction. Now, she invites you to the launch of her debut novel, Family Secrets, which is being published simultaneously in English and Portuguese.

“I’ve been writing for the past 25+ years. I love writing. I enjoy the experience of coming up with a storyline, then finding out where it’ll take me up to the end. It’s like running a marathon. It’s not going to end quickly, because it’s a process. A writer must be fully committed for as long as it takes to finish it. But in the end, the reward is there.”

                            Marileide Andersen