God, you have always inspired me in so many ways, and that is truly something that I admire about you. First of all, you inspired me to do well in all aspects of life. You urged me to try my best and work hardest at life, in sports, on the job, to be a “lady,” to accomplish something I really wanted, and so much more. With that inspiration, I was so motivated to do well. When I didn’t do well, you inspired me by continuous encouragement to try harder to get to where I want to be. In addition, your inspiration when I became seriously ill helped restore me, and lasts to return me to heath, because you urged me to keep fighting the diseases I had. When I found out that I had a brain tumor, and after three surgery,  you inspired me to never give up and continuing living my life as normally as possible while seeking the topmost healthcare. Lastly, you inspired me to stay faithful and close to you, during the darkest to the most pleasant times in life. Your encouragement to pray and have a strong relationship with Jesus uplifted me during the most difficult times, and made me more thankful and praising at the happiest times. Your inspiration iscertainly a major reason why you’re such an important part of my life. Another reason to stress the importance of you in my life is the example you set of, “hard-work.”Thank you for everything you give to me and thank you for forgive at my mistakes. 

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