Like many writers, I’ve been writing since my childhood days. I always loved telling stories. For a time, God moved me into am brain surgery three times, and I'm able to come out without any sequels. So with all my books ready, I really dropped all my work and decide go on to realizing my dream.

While I was working all those years, I was still writing and submitting manuscripts. I took a four year break after back to Brazil because my divorce. At that time I had a last grandson just born in another state in Brazil, so, I try dedicate my part life with my three grandsons! But I couldn’t stay away from writing forever and eventually started again. The first book I wrote after my hiatus was Family Secrets in 1986, but never published. In 2012, when I began to query The family Secrets, the manuscript was rejected by all but one agent. However, while waiting to garner attention, I didn’t sit around idly twirling my thumbs. I worked hard during those months and went on to write another book. I kept building my online presence and I entered a number of writing contests.

Title Author: Marileide Andersen
Title of Book: Family Secret 
Genre: Romance, Drama
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 6634232959
ISBN: 9720762332951



Family Secrets is an American romance based on the novel by Brazilian novelist Marileide Andersen. It is the story of two young people manipulated by the circumstances that begin in 1968, when a fragile daughter tries to break away from the control of her wealthy father and a secret revealed at random triggers unusual entanglements for years to come. 

This is a story of parallel lives and the triumphant power of love. It involves an undying romance that manages to overcome tragedies from the past and the resultant problems carried into the present. 

Finally, it is about a young grandson guided only by courage and willpower, who tries to solve the big secret that might destroy his family forever.

I never thought of myself as a writer or an artist until I was 16s. But I know I have a great history in my hand to show to anyone. I know I had a talent for either. But I did know that I felt like there was a voice in my life. Its no easy start, its not easy to find a good agent. I got to a low emotional point, and it was a little like being in emotional quicksand, and I need something to hold onto so that I would not fall deeper.

My experience has convinced me that everyone has talents they may not have discovered yet and that are worth exploring.

If you've been reading here for long, you know that sinopse is a passion of mine, and in case you're wondering why I'm so shutter-happy, I thought I'd list some reasons.

Hi, I'm Marileide

Mother, grandmother of three beautiful  boys, painter, love to photograph. Having friends around always makes   me  very  happy  and

most importantly, passionate follower of Jesus.


Thanks for dropping by!


AUTHOR NAME: Marileide Andersen 


TITLE OF SHOW: The Brazilian Women 


FORMAT OF SHOW: Drama/ Romance/ Comedy Series 




LOG LINE: Five Brazilian women become roommates in California. Romantic drama and comedy adventures and career issues. Initially around the lives of three Brazilian women that decide to move from Brazil to California to be roommates of two Brazilian women that were living in Newport Beach for more than ten years. Each one with different dreams, difficulties to adapt in another country. Phases and conflicts throughout the series. 


AUDIENCE: Latinos, Brazilian, American men and women, internship program students, tourists, model agency and people that like Brazil, Argentina, US, United Kingdon, Irland, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Mexico and Europe. 


SERIE SET: The phases of this miniseries start from the arrival of the new Brazilians in the United States. The beginning of the difficulties and the end of each one with success or failure. The cities that will appear are Newport Beach, and other areas of Orange County, Malibu, Los Angeles and some parts of Brazil. Other places: Bar, Hospital, beach and model agencies and events; 


THEMES: TV Serie based in drama, romance and comedy.

© 2003 Marileide Andersen.  All rights reserved

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