God, you have always inspired me in so many ways, and that is truly something that I admire

about you. First of all, you inspired me to do well in all aspects of life. You urged me to try my

best and work hardest at life, in sports, at work, how to be a "lady," to accomplish something I

really wanted, and so much more.

Also, your inspiration when I became seriously ill helped me to restore my health because you

urged me to keep fighting. When I found out that I had a brain tumor, and after three surgeries,

you inspired me to never give up and continue living my life as naturally as possible while

seeking the topmost healthcare. Lastly, you inspired me to stay faithful and close to you during

the darkest to the most pleasant times in life.

Your encouragement to pray and have a strong relationship with Jesus uplifted me during the

most challenging times and made me more thankful and praising of the happiest times. Your

inspiration is undoubtedly a major reason why you're such an essential part of my life.

Thank you for everything you gave me and keep giving me. Thank you for forgiving my




My Parents

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I come from a large Brazilian family. My dad is an Air Force Military. I have five sisters and one

brother. Growing up, we've lived in several states in Brazil. We didn't have much, but we had

some great times as a close family.

But I've had some tough times in recent years, I've lost both my parents in over 10 years.

Family. Love them or love them not, there's often a limit to what you can do with the difficult

ones. You can't live with them, and you can't make them join the circus. When there's a lifetime

of emotional investment involved, it's likely that any response will hurt and will require a huge

push, whether it's walking away or fighting for our individuality.

Even if you decide that the price of being by ourselves is too high, it's not always easy to leave.

Sometimes it's just not an option. Whether you're on your way out or bracing for a newer life.

My Only Son

I was a single mother to a boy at 24, and I love my son more than everything. I know it's

common to love our child, I do feel love for him, I'm protective of him in everything I can. When

he was born, it took me several weeks to believe I have him in my life. I'm so happy. I did

everything for him, and sometimes protecting him so much makes me guilty.

My Three Grandsons

"Grandsons, you have made my world a little kinder, a little softer, and a little warmer."


"Life for me is like playing cards. You never know if you're going to win."

I don't know if I'm a good daughter, a perfect wife, a good mother, or a perfect friend. But

nobody is perfect! I can't see myself from other people's eyes. I know it's easy to preach than to

follow. Compatibility matters a lot. Not good or bad. I'll keep taking my space, work on myself,

love myself in and out. Do my duties. Enjoy my rights. Other things will follow.



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I fell in love with photography a long time ago. I was 13 when I first started taking pictures. I

captured everything. Gradually, I began to take photography more seriously. My aim is to show

people the best things about themselves. I want to portrait the world through a different lens that

makes people think deeper. You see, photography is so much more than focusing and pressing a

button. People who take photos capture the world in their own way. If 10 people decide to

portrait the same subject, I guarantee that each person's picture will look different.



I think exposure to new places and new people can be really refreshing. Also, it's eye-opening to

see how other people live. To see how life functions, whether human life or natural life, in other

places, is really humbling.

For as long as I can remember, I love art. Whether it was creating art itself, or visiting museums,

it was always one of my biggest passions. I'd often visit local art shops, buy a pack of new

paints, and go to work on a new still life or portrait. I would frequently visit museums and

admire each precious painting and sculpture there. I loved art, and most importantly, I loved

making art. And, then, for some reason, I've stopped.

I'd lost my drive to create, which was something I thought would never happen to me. For years,

art was something I relied on as a creative outlet. Ever since I bought my first sketchbook in 5th

grade, I've brought it school every day since then and practiced whenever I had free time. After

school, I would get home and continue drawing on small paper. This past year, however, I rarely

did anything related to art. I would doodle here and there, but not consistently and definitely not

with the maximum effort and drive I had a year before. I loved to work in wall hand-paint, but I

didn't understand why I lost that passion either—I just woke up one day and decided I was done

with art.

However, I've come to realize that art is my therapy. By creating, I allow myself to take a step

back from reality and focus on something that brings me joy. And by stopping, I no longer had

that outlet. In that year, when I'd stopped drawing, I experienced so much anxiety and stress than

I'd never felt before in my life. I felt like everything was falling apart, and I didn't understand

why I felt that way. But now I know why—it was because my dreams to be a writer were still

alive, and then I decided to go back to California and make my dreams come true.


Love For Animals

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Humans are emotionally complex and confused about their motives and even their feelings. We

can easily betray each other—and then justify it. Animal companions appear to experience many,

if not most, of our emotions. Still, they have no intellectually constructed moral code, a sense of

ethics, or a capacity to justify their actions after they have acted on them.

And yes, there are cases where stray dogs have savaged people and other dogs for no apparent

reason. No one has a decent explanation for that at this time. But seldom do pet animals attack

those who care for them, and wild animals have their own agenda.

If you discipline a dog by speaking harshly to him or her, the dog may come to you later with a

"please-make-up-with-me" whine, and be rather obviously, relieved when you touch and reassure


I understand that developing relationships with human beings can be scary, intimidating, and

often disappointing at some point. But please keep in mind that, while humans can be

treacherous and without conscience, many of our species are out here with a capacity to love

unconditionally, selflessly, and permanently. Many of us would gladly seek to help those in need

of comfort or even material sustenance when we can, and ask nothing in return.

It takes courage to look for and find a true friend, but when you do, the reward is incomparable

to any other experience a human can have. I try to have some friends, but no one gives me the

value I always give to then. So, I just love the animal companions in the meantime.



I've been told that writers are a difficult sort to get into serious relationships with. But it is not

true. My three relationships lasted for more than five years, and my marriage lasted much more

than twenty years.

Sometimes a writer can be a little dramatic. Sometimes the drama comes in the form of my

partner having come up with what I believe to be a unheard of and novel idea. I won't stop

talking about it, and he will probably be my first and favorite listening choice.

The most important thing is to respect that every writer is an individual, quite different from

every other individual. I've heard of writers who write the most heart-wrenching poetry but have

none of that to give to their lovers, not a single word. I've also heard of writers who'd go to the

ends of the world to find and keep their muse, but who will lose the value of their own lives in

this pursuit. Every writer has a different dream.

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My greatest dream is to reach the New York Times #1 bestseller list someday. Maybe it is only a

dream, maybe it'll come true. I'll just try my best.

I always asked myself, when the time comes (when I'm done with my craft) to get published,

where do I go, what do I do? Now I know. Now my dreams come true for sure.

​My book has been professionally edited and has a professionally made cover. There is a lot

involved in publishing a book no matter what path you take (self-publishing versus traditional

publishing), but it's fantastic that you know you need to focus on craft and writing the best

stories you possibly can. So, that's what I do. I know my stories are the best. I have to believe in

myself. If not, who is going believe?

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Biografia curta

 - Autora brasileira, Marileide Andersen mora nos EUA há mais de 25 anos. Cresceu otimista e cheia de sonhos, nutrindo dentro de si a coragem de resolver seus obstáculos pessoais e enfrentar com bravura Apr 10



 - Marileide Andersen nasceu em Belém do Pará, Brasil, e mora nos EUA há mais de 25 anos. Cresceu otimista e cheia de sonhos, nutrindo dentro de si a coragem de resolver seus obstáculos pessoais e Apr 9

Title Author: Marileide Andersen
Title of Book: Family Secret 
Genre: Romance, Drama
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 6634232959
ISBN: 9720762332951



Family Secrets, also released in Brazilian Portuguese as Segredos de Família, by Brazilian novelist Marileide Andersen, is the story of two young lovers manipulated by the circumstances. 

The story begins in 1968 when sixteen-year-old Catherine, a fragile girl, tries to break away from her wealthy father’s control to live her first love. 

Now, fast forward to 2015. Catherine is sixty-three, and the matriarch of her family. When a family secret is revealed, it triggers consequences that will change the lives of everyone she loves. 

This is the story of how triumphant the power of love can be. Is an undying love capable of overcoming tragedies from the past and all of its outcomes reaching to the present?


Finally, it’s the story of Max, a teenager guided by courage and willpower alone, trying to uncover the secret that almost destroyed his family forever.


Family Secrets will take you to the heart of families, where the greatest cruelties happen.


" I never thought of myself as an author or an artist until I was 16. I felt I had a talent for both. But it was like I didn’t have a voice in my life. 

It was no easy to start, it was not easy to find the right agent, so I got to a low emotional point. It was a little like being in emotional quicksand. I needed something to hold onto so that I would not fall deeper. Then I decided to focus more and more on my art. 


Now I know I’ve great stories in my hands to show everybody. My experience has convinced me that everyone has talents they may not have discovered yet and that are worth exploring.


My reward is here, and I’m the living proof that hard work pays in the end."



Hi, I'm Marileide

Mother, grandmother of three beautiful  boys, painter, love to photograph. Having friends around always makes   me  very  happy  and

most importantly, passionate follower of Jesus.


Thanks for dropping by!


AUTHOR NAME: Marileide Andersen 


TITLE OF SHOW: The American Dream


FORMAT OF SHOW: Drama/ Romance/ Comedy Series 




LOG LINE: Five Brazilian women become roommates in California. Romantic drama and comedy adventures and career issues. Initially around the lives of three Brazilian women that decide to move from Brazil to California to be roommates of two Brazilian women that were living in Newport Beach for more than ten years. Each one with different dreams, difficulties to adapt in another country. Phases and conflicts throughout the series. 


AUDIENCE: Latinos, Brazilian, American men and women, internship program students, tourists, model agency and people that like Brazil, Argentina, US, United Kingdon, Irland, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Mexico and Europe. 


SERIE SET: The phases of this miniseries start from the arrival of the new Brazilians in the United States. The beginning of the difficulties and the end of each one with success or failure. The cities that will appear are Newport Beach, and other areas of Orange County, Malibu, Los Angeles and some parts of Brazil. Other places: Bar, Hospital, beach and model agencies and events; 


THEMES: TV Serie based in drama, romance and comedy.