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I’ve been told that writers are a difficult sort to get into serious relationships with. But is not true. my three relationships lasted more than five years. My marriage lasted much more than twenty years.

Sometimes when I writer will be a little dramatic. Sometimes the drama comes in the form of my partner having come up with what I believe to be an unheard of and novel idea. I never won’t stop talking about it, and he will probably be my first and favourite listening choice.


The most important thing is to respect that every writer is an individual, very different from every other individual. I’ve heard of writers who write the most heart wrenching poetry but have none of that to give to their lovers, not a single word. I’ve also heard of writers who will go to any ends of the world to find and keep their muse, who lose the value of their own lives in this pursuit. Every writer has a different dream.


My greatest dream is to reach the New York Times #1 best seller list someday. Maybe is only a dreams, maybe come true. I just try my best. 

I always asked my self, When the time comes (when I'm done my craft) to get published, where do I go, what do I do? Now I know. Now my dreams come true for sure. 

My book has is professionally edited and has a professionally made cover. There is a lot involved in publishing a book no matter what path you take (self-publishing versus traditional publishing), but it's fantastic that you know you need to focus on craft and writing the best stories you possibly can. So, I do. I know my stories is the best. I have to believed in my self. If not, who go believe? 

My Book Progress

Family Secrets

Coming March/2020

Title Author: Marileide Andersen

Title of Book: Family Secret 

Genre: Non Fiction, Romance, Drama

Publication Year: 2020

ASIN: 6634232959

ISBN: 9720762332951

Family Secrets is an American romance based on the novel by Brazilian novelist Marileide Andersen. It is the story of two young people manipulated by the circumstances that begin in 1968, when a fragile daughter tries to break away from the control of her wealthy father and a secret revealed at random triggers unusual entanglements for years to come. 

This is a story of parallel lives and the triumphant power of love. It involves an undying romance that manages to overcome tragedies from the past and the resultant problems carried into the present. 

Finally, it is about a young grandson guided only by courage and willpower, who tries to solve the big secret that might destroy his family forever.

The American Dream -

Coming June/2020

Title Author: Marileide Andersen

Title of Book: The American Dream

Genre: Non Fiction, Romance, Drama

Publication Year: 2020

ISBN: 238722

Five Brazilian women become roommates in California. Romantic drama and comedy adventures and career issues. Initially around the lives of three Brazilian women that decide to move from Brazil to California to be roommates of two Brazilian women that were living in Newport Beach for more than ten years. Each one with different dreams, difficulties to adapt in another country. Phases and conflicts throughout the series. 

Shadows from the Past- 

Coming August /2020

Title Author: Marileide Andersen

Title of Book: Shadown from the past

Genre: True Story - Drama , Mistery

Publication Year: 2020

ISBN: 33671038

Unconditional Love -

October 20/2020

Title Author: Marileide Andersen

Title of Book: Unconditional Love

Genre: Based on a true story, Romance, Drama

Publication Year: 2020

ISBN: 4378119

Unconditional love. Without barriers, without limits and a lot of strength to keep fighting. A men,  love,  that was from the moment he met her and until the moment when she needed him,  he never abandoned. Days and nights at her side waiting for she  return.

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